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Tips To Have Fun, Safe Bike Rides

Cleaning your bike and pre-ride inspections are basic activities that can help prevent downtime and dangerous malfunctions. We all want to enjoy riding and avoid breakdowns. While you may prefer to trust your bike to a professional, there are some routine preventive maintenance activities you’ll want to make a habit of doing yourself on a […]

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Want your bike chain to last longer?

Follow these chain care tips & extend the life of your chain How long will my chain last before replacing it? Great question! Chain life varies depending on the following: Day-in, day-out care Different bicycle types, such as mountain bike, road bike and cross bike Exposure to elements during use, such as mud, sand, moisture […]

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Welcome to the Freewheeler’s world!

Welcome Frewheelers!  We are working to provide our community with as much useful information about bikes, health, bike health, shop updates, and industry news and updates as we can get out to you.  This is a new kind of riding adventure, and we’re happy to have you along.  The more the merrier on this group […]

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