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As much as we love seeing you walk through the door with your bike, there are some basics we all need to know when we’re out on the road or out in the woods. And, especially when we’re playing bike mechanic at home before the big group ride or race.


Tips To Have Fun, Safe Bike Rides

Cleaning your bike and pre-ride inspections are basic activities that can help prevent downtime and dangerous malfunctions. We all want to enjoy riding and avoid breakdowns. While you may prefer to trust your bike to a professional, there are some routine preventive maintenance activities you’ll want to make a habit of doing yourself on a […]

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Want your bike chain to last longer?

Follow these chain care tips & extend the life of your chain How long will my chain last before replacing it? Great question! Chain life varies depending on the following: Day-in, day-out care Different bicycle types, such as mountain bike, road bike and cross bike Exposure to elements during use, such as mud, sand, moisture […]

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Hunter Safety

Well, I guess it’s fall in New Hampshire.  That means hours of yard work, cooler temps, KILLER riding, and hunting season. I think about it all the time when I’m out riding this time of year.  But today, more than ever, it rang true.  Changing a flat out in the woods, we were listening to […]

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A New Spin on the Way You Roll

“We made the shop lean, kept the work in proximity, and decreased human transportation in a big way, with very small changes”, says Garabed, “When I’m working at the repair station with a bicycle on the stand it’s very simple to put down the wrench and pick up the air mouse to page through the repair […]

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