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We aren’t always in the shop! Keep up with some of the rides we take around the area, and some of the trips – near and far – we and our friends take. Feel free to add your thoughts and ride reports too! We want to hear all about it.

Riding with a Friend

Well, Sunday was another amazing day for riding.  I was doing yard work, and kept watching people whip by on their road bikes.  The temps got to the cool side of perfect around 10:30/11:00, and I couldn’t stand being indoors.  I wanted to watch the Patriot’s game, but, there are so few days with weather […]

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Indian Summer

No doubt we live in the strangest, and most likely, worst weather area of the country.  It’s not a complaint.  It’s a fact.  Jesus, we even have developed new names for weather events. Let’s face it, two weeks ago we had moderately warm days, cool nights – ideal Fall days in New Hampshire.  Then, work […]

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Endurance Mountain Bike Rides – Heat be Damned!

Who enters these things? Now is the time of year when more and more endurance races are coming around.  Before this morning’s “training” ride at 7:00 because that’s when it’s cooler and less humid, I checked the weather reports – 77 degrees and 99% humidity.  No joke – 99% humidity.  I took this picture after […]

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